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 School Year 2014-2015 Distance Education Programs

  • Aug 7- DL - Free and Reduced Meals Eligibility and Application Process for the 2014-2015

Free and Reduced Meals Eligibility PowerPoint

Recommended Procedures 2014-2015

Effective Date of Free and Reduced Meals Eligibility

Verification for Cause in the School Meals Programs

Overt Identification

Direct Certification Other Students

Standard Sample Verification 2014-2015

 School Year 2013-2014 Distance Education Programs

  •  Aug 08 - DL - Free and Reduced Price Meal Eligibility and Application Process for the 2013-14

USDA Eligibility Manual for School Meals

Direct Certification- PowerPoint

School Meal Eligibility Benefit Issuance- PowerPoint

USDA Eligibility Manual for School Meals rev 0812- PowerPoint

Direct Certification Other Students List

Eligibility Master Roster 13-14 less than 1000 students

Forms Packet revised 061013  

  • Sep 05 - DL – October Cycle 2 Reporting and Verification of Free and Reduced Price Applications

Handouts needed for this Distance Learning Workshop may be printed after Tuesday, September 3.

FIN-14-013 - This workshop will address:

· New Verification Requirements

· October Cycle 2 Reporting of Free/Reduced Price Eligibles via the Arkansas Public School Computer Network (APSCN) or eSchoolPlus for the SY 2013-14

Sample Verification Collection Report FNS-742

October 1 APSCN Cycle 2 Reporting 2013  

 2013 Verification Slides 

ADE Summer Programs 2014 Distance Learning PowerPoint

    SP Memos for Summer

    PowerPoint Presentation 

    • March 6, 2014- Distance Education Workshop- Community Eligibility Provision, 2014-15 Paid Lunch Equity, USDA Proposed Rule on Professional Standards for State and Local School Nutrition Programs Personnel

    Paid Lunch Equity Power Point 2014-15

    SY 2014-15 PLE Tool

    Proposed Professional Standards Power Point

    Distance Education Community Eligibility March 2014

    • April 1-DL-Smart Snacks (All Foods on Campus) and 2013 Fiscal Year Equipment Assistance Grant

    NSLP Equipment Assistance Grant FY 2013 Distance Learning Power Point

    • May 1 Agreement and Policy Statement

    Renewal Agreement and Policy Statement May 2014 Power Point



    School Year 2012-2013 Distance Education Programs

    •  Aug 09 - DL - Free and Reduced Price Meal Eligibility and Application Process for the 2012-13

    Handouts needed for this Distance Learning Workshop may be printed after Tuesday, August 7.

    FIN-13-002   - Recommended Procedures for Processing Direct Certification Eligible Students and Applications for Free and Reduced-Price (FRP) Meal Eligibles, Child Nutrition Master Roster, and October Annual Data Submission

    2012 Eligibility Guidance 

    Eligibility Manual for School Meals           

    • Sep 06 - DL - Verification Process and October Eligibility Process for

      School Year 2012-2013

    October 1 APSCN Cycle II Reporting Presentation.ppt

    Final 2012-2013 Standard List .xlsx

    Verification Timelines School Year 2012-2013.doc

    2012 / 2013 Verification Summary Report (VSR).xls

    2012 / 2013 Verification Presentation .ppt

    Eligibility Master Roster 12-13 less than1000 students.xls 

    •  Oct 04 - DL - 6 Cents Certification / Verification Procedures

    Commissioner's Memo FIN 13-034

    2nd Revised USDA Memo SP-31

    Revised USDA Memo SP-44

    Additional Slides 

    • Nov 01 - DL - Validation, Meal Pattern, and Poster Contest

    Commissioner's Memo  FIN-13-039

    Poster Contest 2013 Rules

    Poster Contest 2013 Entry Form

    6 Cent Validation Slide Presentation

    Production Record & State Nutrition Standards Presentation 

    FIN-13-047 - SY 2012-2013 Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Program, Severe Need & Summer Feeding

    FIN-13-050 - Arkansas’s Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (FFVP) - application process and requirements

    FFVP Funding Opportunity Presentation - PowerPoint

    FIN-13-051 - Severe Need Funding - requirements, district decision form, application process and form deadlines

    Summer Programs Presentation – PowerPoint

    • March 07- DL - Reading Allergen Food Labels

    How to Read a Label (pdf)

    Reading Labels for Food Allergens (pdf)

    Food Allergens and Intolerances (pdf)

    Food Allergen Fact Sheet (pdf)

    •  April 04 - DL - Paid Lunch Equity

    FIN-13-062 - Paid Lunch Equity Commissioner's Memo

    Paid Lunch Equity (PLE) Tool (xls)

    Daily Record Form (xls)

    On-Site Review Form (xls)

    Time Certification Form - 100% Child Nutrition (doc)

    Time Certification Form - less than 100% Child Nutrition (xls)

    Eligibility Master Roster 11-12 - over 1,000 Students (xls)

    Edit Check 2 Worksheet (doc)

    Record Keeping Requirements for Child Nutrition Programs (ppt) 

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