Step by Step Guide to Verification

This page has been updated with the 2014 Eligibility Guidance and the 2014 Verification Deadlines, Information and Forms.

The initial approval of applications for free and reduced price meals must be based on the information provided on the application.  Eligibility is confirmed in the verification process.

Before beginning this process, please review Commissioner's Memo #FIN-14-TBA(.pdf)

Step 1.  Approve Applications (.pdf) (Start of School)

Step 2.  Choose method of verification (xlsx) (on or before October 1)  

Step 3.  Write narrative of application selection process (.pdf), keep with verification records.

Step 4.  Sort and count Applications (.doc)  -

Eligibility Master Roster for Over 1,000 Students  (xls)


Eligibility Master Roster less than 1000 students (xls)

Step 5.  Determine total number of Applications on file (.pdf) (as of October 1)

 Step 6.  Establish number of applications to verify based on selection method (.pdf)

Step 7.  Select Applications to be verified (by October 1)  

Step 8.  Recheck the original Eligibility Determination (.pdf) (After Selection of Applications)

Step 9.  Notify Family of selection for verification (.pdf) – Notification of Household Selection Sample Letter (.doc)

Step 10.  Collect income documentation (.doc) (October 1 – November 15)

Step 11.  Calculate eligibility based on supplied documentation (October 1 to November 15)

Step 12.  Notify family of verification results  (No later than November 15)Notification of Adverse Action Sample Letter (.doc)

Step 13.  Complete Verification Tracker for each application verified (.doc) (November 15 - December 16)Verification Tracker Form (.doc)

Step 14.  Compile Districts Verification Results to report to State (November 15-December 15)


Step 15.  Complete FNS-742, Verification Collection Report

FNS-742 SFA Verification Collection Report

Step 16.  E-mail Report to Child Nutrition Office ( (NO later than December 15)